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Our team consists of experts in design and detailed construction, freeform surface design, tooling design, NX administration, user support, construction methodology, development of applications for NX, consulting and many more – straightforward, transparent, and from one provider. Made in Germany.

Shape Design

We not only make sure the technical and physical requirements of the form are met – we also create a design based on your aesthetic ideas. Of course we provide CAD data of the highest quality – for efficient detail construction, dimensionally accurate production, and saving time on future adjustments.

Preliminary Aircraft Design

A design has to go through many different stages until an idea becomes the first prototype: The initial draft is repeatedly adjusted to additional findings and new requirements, followed by calculations, simulations and another round of adjustments. Structures, systems and equipment are placed, outlined, designed, and finally evolve into the finished design over time.

This process is not a straight line – concepts, studies, and alternate solutions are simultaneously developed, compared, and tested. The developmental path branches out, parts of it are discarded and other concepts are followed up upon instead.

For this you need a CAD design which is always dynamic and flexible, but also stable in further development. You also need a designer with the necessary know-how for this fundamental stage of aircraft design. And you can get all of this with Aircraft Preliminary CAD Design made by Freiberger Aero.


We design laminating tools, moulds, master patterns and mould cores, positioning devices and many more for composite components in hand lay-up laminate, RTM and other procedures.

Our goal: Innovative, functional tools that considerably improve the manufacturing process.

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