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Our vision

We empower aircraft companies to maximise their NX product design and engineering processes, resulting in increased efficiency, shorter development cycles, and superior outcomes.

Our story

We are out-of-the-box thinkers, quality enthusiasts, and process lovers, who are not only experts in adapting the Siemens NX software to meet our client’s needs, but also have extensive experience with design projects ourselves.

We use the same software our clients use every day, which gives us a deep understanding of our client’s challenges and goals.

And as a growing start-up, we take pride in our short communication paths and agile work style, allowing us to work closely with our clients and deliver high quality results quickly. Made in Germany. Made by Freiberger Aero.

Our Siemens NX Master Julian

Julian Freiberger is an aeronautical engineer who has been successfully completing aircraft design projects using Siemens NX (Unigraphics) since 2006. He is an expert in preliminary and concept designs and has a practiced eye for aesthetics.

In addition, Julian is proficient in tooling design for fibre composite components. He gained extensive knowledge of the Siemens NX system to find the best construction solutions and create the most efficient working environment. With his experience and programming skills, Julian is a highly sought-after CAD consultant in the aviation industry.

Our Services for you

CAD software development

Our CAD/PLM approach prioritizes mission-critical features and workflows, while supporting you with reliable solutions and meaningful investments in digital know-how, adhering to aerospace industry quality objectives.

Aircraft design engineering

Our goal is to achieve German excellence in aviation design by utilizing our expertise to create harmonious and efficient aircraft designs for you, whether it's for minor details or grooming the frequent flyer vehicles of the future.

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