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Our team consists of experts in design and detailed construction, freeform surface design, tooling design, NX administration, user support, construction methodology, development of applications for NX, consulting and many more – straightforward, transparent, and from one provider. Made in Germany.

NX / Teamcenter Customizing

Siemens NX is the latest and most functional CAD-platform on the market and offers an almost endless range of opportunities. However, you can only use NX to its full potential when you configure it the right way and adjust it to your processes. Automating recurring tasks and expanding your CAD by your specific demands is our passion.

From installation, configuration and automation to expansion with NXopen – Freiberger Aero CAD Services GmbH is your expert for Siemens NX.

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NX and Schematics Reporting

With NX Schematics and NX Routing Harness, LTX and Siemens offer two strong tools that – especially in combination- make development of electrics and mechanics noticeably easier with logical, intelligent schemes as well as with powerful 3D wiring harness functionalities.

In this case you also exploit the maximum potential through demand-oriented adjustment which we efficiently implement with our partners. Additionally Freiberger Aero CAD Services offers extensive reporting possibilities in order to assess and process various information from your NX data.

Automated list and report output from Siemens NX, harness routing or NX schematics? Post-processing of the exported data? Formatting to Microsoft Excel? Directly imported to Teamcenter and available as dataset next to the 3D-data? All automated with one click? No challenge for our NX Reporting Tools. Contact us for more details!

Freiberger.Aero Tools

We offer a package of numerous small and larger NX add-ons with the Freiberger Aero Tools for facilitation, automation and improvement of many construction tasks.

Contact us for a demo version!

Win and Office Plugins

With our software programming we offer you countless ways to optimise and automate your processes – even beyond CAD.

We support you with VBA-programmes that are able to exploit all the possibilities of Microsoft Office software, interfaces that connect your own programmes, our own software for Windows to analyse and process a wide range of data, or just a few little helpers to automate the daily recurring tasks.

Please contact us – many kinds of automation can be realised within the .NET framework with comparatively little effort!

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