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Our team consists of experts in design and detailed construction, freeform surface design, tooling design, NX administration, user support, construction methodology, development of applications for NX, consulting and many more – straightforward, transparent, and from one provider. Made in Germany.

Expert Knowledge

Freiberger Aero CAD Services offers expert knowledge surrounding NX CAD and PLM. We provide consultation and support for all questions concerning development, advancement and optimisation of development projects. We develop tailored solutions suiting your demands that make your projects a success starting with IT infrastructure, the CAD and PLM workplaces, software licencing and schooling concepts, via construction methodology and processes, as well as software adjustment. Thereby CAD and PLM aren’t viewed as IT’s toys but rather an efficient product development tool. With our hands-on experience in construction and engineering we understand your demands and reach the goal faster and better.

NX Administration

We create the basis for leading your product development to success, starting with the installation and configuration of a centrally managed CAD environment. In co-operation with your employees we determine suitable customer and project specific adjustments and configurations to optimise the development processes- and directly implement them. We serve your CAD division by creating and maintaining templates and re-usable construction elements through customising, maintenance and updates, through development of construction methodology, through specific schoolings and workshops, continuous user support and many more. The whole scope of NX expert knowledge – straightforward and from one provider.

NX Application Programming

Don’t let complicated construction processes or non-existent functionalities stop you – We offer solutions for any demands and develop specific software extensions for Siemens NX. Use your CAD system’s full potential. Starting off with simple automations, via data evaluation from the design, or interfaces between other CAD or Office programs, up to the development of entirely new, customerspecific functionalities. The possibilities are limitless and the saving potential for every product development very high. Contact us!

We will gladly show you possibilities of facilitating and improving your construction tasks with NX extensions free of charge!

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